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I talk to people amidst chaos, challenges, conflicts, mental issues, Stress, Disappointment, Discouragement and more.

Hello! My name is Master Chimbala. On this platform we don’t necessarily carry the angels’ power to solve all problems or make miracles happen. We don’t claim to be the greatest experts on any problems or challenges. We simply know from experience that every troubling issue has potential ideas to help solve them. In my experiences of helping people of different ages, gender, races, backgrounds and faiths I am confident that just the step to converse opens doors to more possibilities. 

For example some people are entangled in financial problems such as a cycle of debt. When in such a situation or a similar one people tend to believe that the only solution is simply money to pay-off their debt. Unfortunately cycles of debt get to repeat themselves, no matter how many times you pay them off. A talk with someone may help you see things in a different manner, which may therefore enable you to solve your long-term financial or holistic personal planning in a safe and sustainable manner.

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Areas of Focus

I have spent the greatest and longest journey of my life helping people navigate choices, relationships, businesses, crises, grief, disappointments, depression and many other personal challenges and goals. I have now created the ASK MASTER platform to enable healthy and supportive interactions that provide the needed guidance, support and inspiration.

Positive Thinking

Enhancing positive attitudes, thoughts and actions in solving problems and making a better future.

Hope & Aspiration

Sharpen pillars of hope and increase your foundation for aspiration and continued progress beyond today's issues.

Conflict Management

Resolve existing conflicts and manage their sources whether within your mind or with other people in your relationships.


Analysing the situation in the most productive perspective that empowers positive resolution.

Goals & Steps

Set your detailed diverse goals that shall respond to your needs, aspirations, vision, transformation, and idea of self.

Healthy Relationships

Evaluate and manage all your relationships with family, members, friends, colleagues, communities, organizations and society.

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